Mac Projects

Started really using the Apple platform after Apple integrated the UNIX core for MacOS and bought my first macbook for creative, programming and system work in college. I remember using an Apple ][ in elementary school and someone I knew had a original mac when I was growing up. I am amazed at the creative software written for the Mac platform and the creative developers. I started learning about Objective C after buying my first Mac and now learning Swift.

Working on MacOS/iOS apps for music projects and DevOps. I have also written some education software that works on the mac. I try to make sure every software I write is tested on Apple and Linux platforms.

Had the oppertunity to Work at Apple in the SF Bay Area 2012 and 2016


Mac/Linux Python framework for automating cloud / system level tasks



Mac/Linux Golang application to capture system metrics: cpu, process, network, disk when thresholds are reached.



Created a repo for training and showing others how to use Ansible and Python and for controlling the execution of Ansible, powerful tools for system automation and orchestration.


Automate Video Editing

Mac/Linux Python application to automate aspects of video editing


Some of my favorite software for the mac are Reason, Logic, Final Cut and Pixelmator, I have written many songs with Reason for my music projects. It's nice to have a UNIX terminal, great open source software and all the creative software available right next to each other.

While working at Apple I decided to buy an iPad for music and art. I use the iPad for a sequencer, soft synths and drawing. When I moved to the SF Bay Area I worked at Apple on the iCloud team after taking a couple of short term projects.

Open Source Projects on GitHub: