Started working on the Apple platform after they adopted the BSD UNIX core for MacOS and bought my first macbook for creative, programming and system work. I am amazed at the creative software written for the Mac platform. I started learning about Objective C after buying my first Mac and always learning new things on the platform.

Reason and Pixelmator are my favorite Mac applications I still use, I have written many songs with Reason. It's nice to have a UNIX terminal, great open source software and all the creative software available right next to each other.

The iPad will never replace hardware synths although it is useful. I use the iPad for a sequencer, soft synths and drawing. I would prefer the iPad to be more open and useful computing device along with more of the Apple ecosystem. When I moved to the SF Bay Area I also had the chance to work at Apple on the iCloud team after doing some work as a contractor.

Currently working on some MacOS/iOS apps for some music projects. I have written some education software that works on the mac and also happy to show what I know and do talks.

Projects on GitHub: