Started working on the Apple platform after they adopted the BSD UNIX core for MacOS and bought my first macbook for creative, programming and system work. I am amazed at the creative software written for the Mac platform. I started learning about Objective C after buying my first Mac and always learning new things on the platform.

Reason, Logic, Final Cut and Pixelmator are my favorite Mac applications I still use, I have written many songs with Reason. It's nice to have a UNIX terminal, great open source software and all the creative software available right next to each other.

The iPad will never replace hardware synths although it is useful and cool to have everything in a small factor. I use the iPad for a sequencer, soft synths and drawing. I would prefer the iPad to be more open (access to local storage) and ways to make it a more useful computing device along with more of the Apple ecosystem (more open source). When I moved to the SF Bay Area I also had the chance to work at Apple on the iCloud team after doing some work as a contractor.

Currently working on some MacOS/iOS apps for some music projects. I have also written some education software that works on the mac and also happy to show what I know and do meetups/talks.

Open Source Projects on GitHub: